The reason I blog: Future-Me

March 24, 2012

Well it’s official, I’m starting to blog again. Recently I have been getting back into web development and in turn spending a lot of time researching and testing new technologies. I have been away from web development for under a year (I’ve been more focused on the Dev and DevOps of my company’s cross-platform mobile apps for the last 11-months) and its amazing how much new cool shit is out. That includes the blogging framework Octopress 2.0 I am using for this site.

Blogging For Tomorrow!

The older I get the more Future-Me likes the decisions Past-Me makes. In college, I was just an evil asshole to Future-Me.

As nice as it is to explore all these new projects it can be a time consuming process. A lot of that time spent is NOT playing with or testing the new technology, instead it is spent getting it setup. I have put many hours into many projects learning how to get a certain technology working. The biggest problem I have with all this invested time is that it is more often than not, lost. Just a few weeks (or even days in some cases) of not working with a newly learned technology and I am sure to forget a lot. This blog is a gift to Future-Me. This blog will document what I already learned so Future-Me doesn’t have to learn it all over again… The slow way.

Hopefully at some point others will find value in my writings but, until then I am perfectly content writing these articles for that bad-ass, good-looking, Future-Me.

Until Then…

No one will see this site (for now anyways) so there is no harm in putting in this codeblock for testing purposes.

Example CoffeeScript Function Context Binding

Account = (customer, cart) ->
    @customer = customer
    @cart = cart

    $('.shopping_cart').bind 'click', (event) =>
        @customer.purchase @cart