Rename Google Drive Default Folder

May 28, 2012

After I recently moved all my local software project’s repos into my Google Drive folder I started to notice problems with some of my Vim plug-ins. The problems were due to the fact that the Google Drive folder has a space in it. So instead of doing what a good person should probably do and figure out why Vim wasn’t escaping the space in the folder name I tried to just remove the space. A quick scan of Google Drive preferences didn’t show any signs of the ability to change the folder name and when I tried to rename it in Finder I got an error. It turns out you just have to close the Google Drive app and then rename it.

Vagrant: Broken Networking When Packaging Ubuntu Boxes

April 10, 2012

When packaging my Vagrant virtual environment (Ubuntu server with a host-only network) to a box file I ran into a problem. The issue was that when I tried to use that box file the host-only network would not work.

With a little investigating I realized the problem was caused by the device name for the network adapter being eth2 instead of eth1. Vagrant uses eth1 in the host-only network interface defined in the /etc/network/interfaces file. Since eth1 network interface doesn’t exist (it is eth2) our host-only network does not work.

The reason I blog: Future-Me

March 24, 2012

Well it’s official, I’m starting to blog again. Recently I have been getting back into web development and in turn spending a lot of time researching and testing new technologies. I have been away from web development for under a year (I’ve been more focused on the Dev and DevOps of my company’s cross-platform mobile apps for the last 11-months) and its amazing how much new cool shit is out. That includes the blogging framework Octopress 2.0 I am using for this site.